**  How to purchase your membership from the Colebrook Ski-Bee's **


  1. Go to https://www.nhsamembership.com/club/302/Colebrook+Ski-Bees 

    Follow the instructions to complete the form and use your credit card to complete the purchase.   You will be able to save or print your membership voucher.  NOTE:  You may or may not be able to do this when you arrive in the Colebrook area as cell and wi-fi service is limited, so it is best to do this before you come north. 

  2. Complete the membership form at the bottom of the page and mail it back to PO Box 125, Colebrook, NH 03576 with your payment.  Please be sure to include your e-mail (if you have one) and phone number.  These are required to complete the NHSA membership.  If you do not provide one, I have to make one up.  Your voucher, will include your club card at the bottom of the form,  your voucher will be emailed to you or mailed.  ( if no email address it will be sent regualr mail).

  3. If you would like to purchase your membership on line directly from the Ski-Bee’s, go to our website (This is not an automated system, so memberships are not instant) (www.colebrookskibees.org) click on the "Club Store" page and click on the membership form. Follow the directions to purchase your membership.  Use your credit card or Paypal account to purchase your membership. Your voucher, with the club card at the bottom will be emailed to you. 

2021-2022 Colebrook Ski-Bee's Membership