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About Us

 The Colebrook Ski-Bee's are a volunteer led snowmobile club that manages 147 miles of trails in the Colebrook, NH area - between Pittsburg and North Stratford, and from Errol to the Vermont border.

Our trail system interconnects with trails maintained by the Swift Diamond Riders, the Pittsburg Ridge Runners, the Umbagog Snowmobile Association, the Stratford Nighthawks, the Groveton Trail Blazers, and when crossing into Vermont we access the VAST system through the Cannan Border Riders.


The Ski-Bees seek to promote snowmobiling as an enjoyable, engaging sport by providing dependable, well-groomed trails. We are active in their community through various avenues including collaborations with neighboring snowmobile clubs and other recreational programs, promotion and donation to local events and educational opportunities, and strengthening landowner and community member relationships.


As a charter member club of the NH Snowmobile Association, the Ski-Bee's are also active on a regional and statewide level through promoting legislation that advances snowmobiling in NH, engaging in statewide events, and participating on county and state leadership levels. Currently, the Ski-Bees have over 1,000 members and are the second largest club in the state.  


Please remember to join a club where you ride!


Colebrook is a great place to live and visit and there are numerous ways to become involved in the community, make new friends and contribute.  The Colebrook Ski-Bee's can provide great opportunities to do just that! 

2024-2025 Club Officers




Amber Olson



Don Timmsen                                             



Gail Hanson   



Peter Hanson                           



Tammy Gazzoli




Ken Herchenroder                               

Francis Grondin     

Justin Falconer

Jason Decareau 

Tyson McKenna


















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