Bureau of Trails Rating System:


Trail conditions change depending on weather and use.  If you have concerns about possible condition changes, contact the local club before you go out.  This report’s rating system:   


Great - Trail has a really good base, groomed flat with solid snow that should hold up to traffic.

Good - Trail is flat with a good base, there may be ice underneath, and while groomed snow could become a bit mushy.

Moderate - Trail has decent riding, but may have bare spots, ice, or rough sections.

Marginal - Trail is passable, but may have thin snow, open or partially filled water bars, bare spots, ice, or trees down.

January 6th - Bureau of Trails Snowmobile Report 

Great North Woods Region

Very limited riding. Early season conditions – use CAUTION – watch for water bars and exposed items such as rocks.

Pittsburg Ridge Runners, Pittsburg: Limited riding. Trails north of Magalloway Road and to the East and West are open with moderate to good riding conditions. Trails to the south of Magalloway Road have poor to marginal conditions. Trail 142 north & south of Route 3 Lake Francis boat ramp is ungroomed, use at your own risk. Note these trails remain CLOSED: Corridor 20 south from Pittsburg Village to Canaan VT and Trail 141 the field between Dorman’s Gas and Young’s Store.

Colebrook Ski-Bees, Colebrook/Stewartstown: CLOSED

Swift Diamond Riders, Stewartstown (Coleman State Park/Diamond Pond): Limited riding. Connection to Pittsburg trails only. Balsams Trail and trails to Errol CLOSED. Parking at Warming Hut, but hut not open. Marginal to moderate riding conditions. See Map for logging closures.

Umbagog Snowmobile Association, Errol/Cambridge/Millsfield: CLOSED

Stratford Nighthawks, Stratford/Columbia: CLOSED

Groveton Trailblazers, Northumberland/Groveton/Stark: CLOSED

Milan All Weather Riders, Milan: CLOSED

Lancaster Snowdrifters, Lancaster: CLOSED

White Mountain Ridge Runners, Berlin/Success: CLOSED

Jericho State Park – Park is Open, not enough snow for riding, no grooming.

Dalton Ridge Runners: CLOSED